The Full Shebang!


‘Give us our love story!
Give us the bells and definitely give us the whistles... (wolf whistles preferably!)’

This is the package where we go all the way and I deliver a ceremony that’s unique, fun, punchy and most importantly… YOU!

I’ll sort all the paperwork to ensure you’re legally married because, well that’s my job!

I’ll also help you with your vows if you want, give you a plethora of ceremony ideas to think about, loan you my PA for the occasion and by the end; have your guests asking how we know each other because by the time I strut out the door; everyone will think we’re best buddies!

I’ll dress up, I’ll dress down, I’ll be your ultimate wing-woman and together we can make it whatever YOU want it to be.

The sky’s the limit baby!


Fancy a Quickie?


Hold the confetti; just get us married!
Don’t want all the fuss, focus and cost of a big affair and prefer to cut to the chase?
You might be interested in a quicky!

I’ll still rock up to whatever sized wedding you’ve planned, armed with charm, wit and fabulous heels… but this ceremony will be short, sharp & punchy and you’ll have your hand wrapped around a congratulatory glass of champers before you can say ‘I do!’


Another option is the elopement.
Are you having a big fat ceremony overseas? Or prefer to keep your nuptials private?

This option is bare-bones with just you two, two witnesses and myself in a park/restaurant/clifftop/hotel room in Elwood or St Kilda. Week days or nights only.

Boom! You’re married!


MC in da House!


Looking for an MC that’s funky…
fast-on-her-feet, unflappable and just like one of the family?

More and more couples are getting me to MC the reception because it’s kind of a short straw for a mate to do the honour.

They can’t really drink, relax or sneak off and they’re doing it all for free!

I’ll take that guilt away and charge you for my time, and in exchange you get to feel secure in the knowledge that someone who knows how to run the show, is running the show!

I come from a background of MC’ing theatre & events and know all about working with fluid run sheets, trouble-shooting tricky situations and being the person that everyone can go to for whatever they might need.

I’m like the responsible but hilarious relative.

I’m perfect for this gig!


I also perform funerals & baby-naming ceremonies… without the naff.
For further information/prices; press the button below!