Justine and Damon - May 2017

Klara did an amazing job as our celebrant! We couldn't have asked for a more fun and awesome person to marry us. She was there every step of the way before and after our big day. You won't regret hiring her!

Bride - Justine

Bojana & Andrew - March 2017

Klara was absolutely amazing. She is very friendly, quirky and relaxed, and that's exactly what she brought to the wedding. She was on top of everything, generous with her time, and very helpful. Her witty sense of humour, her infectious bubbly character and her warmth make her an amazing celebrant. Our wedding wouldn't have been the same without her!

Groom - Andrew

Sophie & Mike - March 2017

Klara was the glue that held the pieces together. She was informative and fun, but serious enough when necessary. She gave an individual service and totally jumped on our band wagon to make an unexpected day for our guests! Klara went above and beyond. We couldn't have done it alone.

Bride - Sophie

Stacey & James  - March 2017

Klara was the perfect fit for our wedding and we were blessed to have her as part of our special day. Klara isn't constrained to rigidity yet still ensures a special 'wedding' feel to the occasion. She was always available in the pre planning phase and the morning of the wedding. She conducted a modern and friendly ceremony and is easily adaptable to any sudden changes. All our guests remarked how she individualised our own story and really captured the essence of why we were there that day. Most importantly, Klara is great fun, and doesn't take herself too seriously but yet is always professional. We will always be grateful for Klara having been there for us.

Groom - James

Simone & Ryan - February 2017

She's absolutely just the best!! We were married in my parents garden at Bonnie Doon by Klara and all were impressed by the ceremony she had prepared! She was witty and relaxed but caring and considerate as well. So easy to deal with and nothing was a problem for her, taking everything in her stride. It was one major part of the day that neither of us felt we needed to worry about because we knew Klara had it covered! So professional and fun! Thank you again!! X
Bride - Simone

Cathie's Funeral - January 2017

Gorgeous, vibrant human being. Someone you would want at your wedding/event regardless!
Photographer - Ellen

Lucy & Travis - January 2017

When we first met Klara we knew straight away that she was the one for us. The one that would share in one of our most precious moments.
Klara has a relaxed vibe about her and makes you feel calm when you need it the most. She has a vibrant personality and made our day so easy for us. She explained everything so well and was there for us throughout the process helping us tweak our story and vows and making it so easy with all the legalities.
Would highly recommend her for anyone wanting a relaxed and fun but yet professional presence at their wedding!
Thank you Klara for everything, you helped make our day perfect and read me like a book as I ran down the isle dragging my dad behind me trying not to bursts into terrified yet excited tears! xoxo

Alyce & Scott January 2017

Klara is a very funky celebrant and all round funky woman. Professional, prompt with great communication skills. She was an absolute joy to be around and we are so thankful we chose her to marry us. Highly recommend her services. Our guests loved our ceremony and Klara played a major role in making it what it was.Thank you Klara!
Bride - Alyce

It is always a pleasure to work with such a fun professional! A brilliant down to earth celebrant, who presents a wonderful ceremony for her clients.
Vidiographer - James Anderson (Turbo Productions)

Beth & Daniel (Surprise Wedding) January 2017

Klara was irreplaceable when it came to organising our surprise wedding. She was quirky and fun which is exactly what we were looking for when searching for the right Celebrant for our not-so-traditional wedding! She was able to make the guests feel relaxed and have a laugh, we even had multiple comments of how perfect she was especially for the vibe of the day. She was always there to answer a million emails, Skype when we lived interstate, catch up in person when we moved and was flexible enough to fly by the seat of her pants when we changed our minds for the 5th time the day of the wedding, even during the ceremony! I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking that they want to bring some light and flair to their wedding day! Thank you so much Klara for helping us make our day unforgettable!
Bride - Beth

Klara was our celebrant on the weekend and she was amazing. Responded quickly, with great suggestions and ideas and never got annoyed with us despite the many changes (even 3 hours before the ceremony). Even was happy to Skype with us as we were originally living in a different state. Super friendly, understanding and out there enough to help us pull off our surprise wedding. All our guest loved Klara. Couldn't recommend her enough to anyone considering her.
Groom - Daniel

Emily & Josh - December 2016

Klara was simply amazing at our wedding. She told our story perfectly and made it just the most easy process. She was fun to work with and incredibly easy going. My wife and I couldn't recommend her enough!
Groom - Josh

Carey & Tony (Secret Wedding) - November 2016

Tho it was a quiet and sneaky ceremony back in July that Klara performed for my husband and I, it was absolutely perfect. All communications and interactions from the point of first contact to the end result were so personable, efficient and friendly that by the time the cheezels and burger rings were exchanged it felt like we had an old friend doing the deed for us. I cannot recommend Klara highly enough, and I'm so happy that we were able to work together to achieve a memorable and relaxed 'quickie' ceremony. Thank you so very very much, and may the force always be with you!
Bride - Carey

Tanya & Angelo - October 2016

Having been to a million and one weddings in my lifetime I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't want for the day I took the big step.
Klara was amazing from our very first meeting. Explaining the entire process and listened to what we wanted and hoped our day would be... And she nailed it!!!
Klara, thank you for being a part of the best day of my life and making what can be a major stressful day the most relaxed enjoyable day I've ever had.... #bestweddingever
Groom - Ange


Michelle & Patricia (Same-sex commitment) - July 2016

Klara was our wedding celebrate, she was great and so helpful leading up to our big day. Helping us plan the most outstanding day we could only hope for. The ceremony was full of laughter, reflection and tears. Klara had our guest engaged the whole way.
Even after the ceremony our guest could only praise Klara and the beautiful ceremony she did for us. Outstanding again
Bride - Michelle

Lisa & Leigh - June 2016

Klara was our celebrant for our wedding earlier this year and we can not recommend her highly enough.
We were looking for a celebrant that was easy going, engaging for our guests to listen to, that we got along with and was able to have a laugh though out the seriousness of the ceremony. Klara delivered on all our asks!!! She is so easy to get along with, very happy to change the ceremony to suit you, has a whole host of ideas and suggestions and replies to emails amazingly quickly. 
After our wedding and still to this day guests comment to us that our ceremony was one of the most entertaining and engaging weddings that they have been to, and that is all thanks to Klara!!
And you know you have found a good celebrant when after the wedding, your Mum comes up to you and says "Who was your celebrant? Where did you find her?
She was fantastic! "
Bride - Lisa

Amelia & Alfred - May 2016

Klara was absolutely brilliant, Couldn't have asked for a better celebrant. Klara also Mc'ed our wedding and was totally ace at it.
Bride - Amelia

Sam & Michael - May 2016

Klara is professional, well organised and exceptionally fun! From start to finish her service was A++++++++
I would recommend Klara as a celebrant but also as an MC, she took care of everything and made sure the day ran like clockwork :)
Best day ever! Thank you Klara xoxoxox
Bride - Sam

Lisa & Sean - April 2016

Hi Klara, I just wanted to drop you a message from the both of us for conducting our ceremony earlier this year. From the start you were clear and concise in the planning of the ceremony, and your understanding of the process put us both at ease. I would also commend your patience, when we may not have filled out our vows on time for instance? ☺ We had a beautiful day, and everybody enjoyed themselves thoroughly! Thanks again, Sean.
Groom - Sean

Michelle & Larry - March 2016

Thank you Klara sooo much! You did an amazing job from start to finish for our surprise wedding! So easy to talk to and no question was too silly! Highly recommended! :)
Bride - Michelle

Vanessa & Omar - March 2016

Thank you for being the perfect celebrant for our wedding. Everyone loved you and wanted to know where I found you! :)
Bride - Vanessa

Caitlin & Jake - February 2016

Klara is so relaxed, knowledgeable and easy to get along with. One aspect, besides her stunning personality, that made her so wonderful was how easy she is to contact. We could shoot through emails and discuss minor details so easy and hassle free. By the end of it felt like she was a friend and nothing was too hard for her to manage. Klara is funny, confident and hardworking. Three amazing qualities to have in a celebrant. She was just perfect and a great addition to our wedding! Thank you again Klara!
Caitlin and Jake

 Georgia and James - January 2016

Klara helped us with our application for "shortening of time" so that our grandmother could be apart of our wedding.
In 12 short days she helped us create a wonderful memory for all of our family, and she made the evening fun, full of laughter and we will forever be grateful. You're a star Klara!
Groom - James

Klara made our wedding even more special. We had extra paperwork and Klara helped us fly thru, succeeding in a request for shortening of time. We were able to have our Nanny at our wedding, and Klara's personal touch made our ceremony memorable :) we love you! X
Bride - Georgia

Renee & Mark - January 2016

Thank you! We couldn't have wished for anyone more perfect to help us finally get this marriage thing done :) My very first call with a very last minute wacky request and Klara you were the most perfect fit for what we were looking for!! You helped make the day(s) even more fun and relaxed than we'd hoped they could be. If we ever decide to do it again (it was so fun, how does next week sound?!) you will be our first call that is for sure!!!
Bride - Renee

Stef & Darren  - December 2015

From the minute we met Klara, we knew she was going to be perfect.
We wanted to have a fun, relaxed and happy wedding and a key component of this was the wedding celebrant.
Klara was completely professional but really brought a fresh approach to the wedding. It was vibrant, funny and totally reflected who we were as a couple. We could not have been more thrilled with the outcome and it was a true testament to her craft when all night long I had people telling me how great she was and how did I find her! Would definitely pass on a recommendation for this talented lady!
Bride - Stef

Kasey & Hayden - December 2015

Klara, you were absolutely fantastic from my very first email sent to you! You were so friendly, energetic and enthusiastic about our upcoming wedding and so easy to get along with. You were so professional and we had a blast planning our ceremony with you. Our ceremony was just what we wanted, creative, funny yet laid-back at the same time. You managed to tell our own love story better than we did and we cant thank you enough for that! We really cant recommend you highly enough, you are truly gifted and fabulous at what you do!
Bride - Kasey

Shea & Ben - December 2015

 We highly recommend Klara as a celebrant. She made our ceremony and the entire journey very relaxed and enjoyable! The time and effort she put into creating a unique ceremony for us was greatly appreciated.
Groom - Ben

Jeynelle & Sam - November 2015

Klara was outstanding, she made our day so much more special, better than i even ever imagined. 
With a difficult surname to pronounce, she nailed is 110%, she was so caring, supportive and full of guidance. 
When we met her we knew she was the one that was going to marry us. Nothing was ever to hard, responded to communication quickly.dealing with Klara was so easy!
Bride - Jeynelle

Tina & Chris - November 2015

Klara was perfect :) What if we had hired someone who didn't tell me about the bat getting out of the cave!? I am soooo grateful the first thing Tina didn't see when you said you may kiss the bride was a big booger coming toward her! pmsl

We couldn't be happier.. thanks so much Klara :)
Groom - Chris

Kerrie & Andrew  - November 2015

Fantastic from start to finish! Thank you Klara for helping us to create our perfect ceremony, laid back and a touch of comedy - just how we wanted it. You really made the whole process so easy for us and we can't thank you enough for being so quick with everything and super patient when it came to waiting on us!
Bride - Kerrie

Jess & Belinda (same-sex commitment) - October 2015

Klara tailored our same sex wedding to exactly what we wanted. As a Pagan style Hand-fasting she ensured everything that was important to us was included. There was a lot of contact and drafts of the ceremony. The day was amazing and, as it was a carnival wedding, Klara dressed up as a ringmaster for us and conducted it all expertly and professionally, thank you. :)
Brides - Jess & Belinda


Juliet & Aidan  - June 2015


Klara was the perfect celebrant for us in every way. 
She was totally fine with us “ad libbing” our vows and flexible to our wishes to have very little planning or structure to the ceremony, which is just the way we wanted it.
As a result, it was a hoot. Lots of fun and lots of giggles throughout.
Klara is the BEST!

x J&A
Bride - Juliet

Tara & Matthew 'Alice in Wonderland' - Themed Wedding May 2015

Thank you so so much for being a part of our day and helping to make it happen in such a short time frame. The ceremony was exactly how we imagined it would be (with a bonus interrupting spider) and you were casual and entertaining, which is the vibe we were after.
Bride -Tara

Chantelle & Heta April 2015

You were fantastic; the perfect celebrant for our wedding. Thank you very much Klara
Groom - Heta

Jene-Lyn & Adam March 2015

Klara has been a fantastic celebrant, she is professional and courteous. Klara has been the most accommodating person associated with our wedding. I can not recommend Klara enough. Thank you so much Klara, you professionalism was greatly appreciated.
Groom - Adam

Bronwyn & Eugene March 2015

From the first meeting we knew straight away you would be our celebrant for the big day!
you for making our special day as fun, enjoyable and relaxed as we imagined it to be. Very easy to work with and would definitely recommend you.

Bronwyn,  Eugene & Koko the dog

Geraldine &  Jerome: Werribee Mansion February 2015

We loved having Klara as our celebrant! Organized but flexible, funny yet chilled out, we couldn't have found anyone more fun to work with - it felt like we'd known her for ages after our first Skype call! Where else in the world would you find a celebrant who will speak French, keep your guests entertained and continually raving about her? We'd do it again if we could! Unfortunately we're done with our once-in-a-lifetime but will definitely be recommending her to anyone looking for nothing less than an amazing celebrant!

Bride - Geraldine

Shari & Andy: Ballarat February 2015

You were professional and had an amazing sense of humour, flexibility and was open to anything we wanted. You were the perfect choice for our wedding day!
Thank you for being apart of it

Bride - Shari

Meaghan & Steve: Home Wedding November 2014

 Klara was our Celebrant at our wedding on November 29th, 2014. From the start she was just awesome. I knew she was the one for us because of her sense of humour, her laid back approach, and even when I wasn't quite organised.. she kept her cool with me! The ceremony was perfect. There were laughs and her beautiful smile and personality put me at ease instantly. Yes there were tears, but what's a wedding day without it! Thank you so much Klara for making our day special and exactly what we wanted.  Not sure how many times I can thank you, but I'll do it again and again.
You made everything so easy and your personality suited us perfectly. X
Bride - Meaghan

Lianne & Gavin: Quick Wedding November 2014

Klara is an absolute delight. Klara worked with us to ensure we had the casual, relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere we wanted for our wedding.
A beautiful low-key event, truly perfect. Thank you so much from both of us.
Bride - Lee

Kate & Paul: Dereel, March 2014

It's hard to describe how professional and wonderful Klara was during the lead up and on the day of our wedding. My husband and I found Klara to be flexible where needed and made our wedding ceremony even more personal and heartfelt than we could have ever imagined. Since our wedding we have had many compliments about Klara. She even had to deal with my two dogs who decided they needed to sit in on the ceremony! Thank you so much for making our day so perfect. You're the best!
Bride - Kate

Words cannot describe how brilliant Klara made my little sister's wedding.
Professional yet hilarious and most importantly, calming, she made her wedding a day to remember.
Thank you Klara for being so amazing. When my husband and I renew our vows, I know who I'll be calling... you rock chick!!!!!! 
Maid of Honour - Sam

Emily & Josh: Herring Island, January 2014

Most talented brilliant Celebrant ever. Gave us room to be ourselves but was warm, funny and had great energy. Was such a good sport as we asked to do a clown show and transform into a celebrant. Waiting to here about a cabaret wedding next. Highly recommended. xx
Bride - Emily

Klara, you were extra-ordinary and wonderful on Sunday facing up to the challenging task of entertaining the children and then magically converting this, your wonderful capacity to have everyone absorbed and engaged, into officiating magically as the truly inspiring marriage celebrant for Emily and Josh Moore's wedding on Herring Island. You show great versatility and composure in the role you so beautifully perform. Thanks
Guest - Monica

Rhea & Jack: (Bali Commitment Ceremony) July 2013

Klara did an absolutely fantastic job at our wedding!! She was professional, fabulous to work with and wonderfully helpful and instructive throughout the entire experience - which really alleviated some of the stress of being the bride!
Klara conducted an amazing ceremony, with the perfect combination of humour and poignancy. Her well-placed witticisms were hugely refreshing. I sincerely recommend Klara as a celebrant, especially if you're looking for something a little different to the norm!
Bride - Rhea

Klara, You spread trails of infectious laughter and a confidence in what you do - there's a knowing that you have a deep love for the service you provide. Your individuality, originality and ability to sprinkle such rare authentic spice throughout the ceremony brought so much fun, so much ease and was so entertaining.. everything was kosher and yet nothing to the book!

As far as weddings go (and the realisation I need to tighten my pelvic floor muscles) - you were the cherry on top! 
Hopefully you'll have availability in your diary for when it comes to be my time. 
Much respect and warmest regards,
Guest - Katrina

Klara was a wonderful celebrant at Rhea and Jack's wedding. Her light humour interwoven with heart felt conviction of Jack and Rhea's love and commitment towards one another was perfect. No one could have conducting a more lovely and fitting ceremony. It was perfection.
Guest - Ange