A little snippet of my kind of wedding....

A tribute to #marriageequality and the hopeful pursuit of it one day being considered in Australia.... via the use of onion puppets. 

Enjoy the journey from clown to celebrant in 10 tidy minutes. Just another day in the life of Klara McMurray - the funky celebrant!

Jess & Belinda's d.i.y. backyard carnival 2015

Same-Sex Commitment Ceremony

Rhea & Jack, Bali 2013

The Tropical Wedding

Emily & Josh, Herring Isand, Melbourne 2014

The Surprise Wedding!

Kate & Paul, Dereel, Victoria 2014

Country Wedding

Meaghan & Stephen, Greenvale, VICTORIA 2014

Home Wedding

Autumn 2015

Spring/Summer 2015

Quick Weddings!

Various couples, venues and options available. Here's just a few...