Creating someone's funeral or memorial service is both a humbling and beautiful thing to do

As a rapport is developed between family, friends and myself, the story is then turned into a ceremony that reflects their loved one's journey; a deeply personal, entertaining and memorable service for all that attend.

People find that my warm nature, combined with my confidence in public speaking, compassion in dealing with people, understanding of grief (having worked for Challenge, a children’s cancer charity for several years) and even my sense of humour make me a perfect candidate for conducting funerals.

Brian Dogget's funeral.jpg

I am fresh and vibrant and I believe there is a growing market for my style of celebrancy.

Having lived a rich and fulfilling life, I can appreciate and empathise with many stories that others are sure to tell.

Coming from a writing background, I am very confident in putting together an awesome service.

And most importantly of all, I have a compassionate heart that people are drawn to and trust me as a consequence.

I possess strong initiative, I read people well and consider it an honour and privilege to sit with others through their individual experiences.

So lets move away from the beige funeral. It's time to inject a bit of rainbow into such an important event!

Gorgeous, vibrant human being. Someone you would want at your funeral/event regardless!
Funeral Photographer - Ellen

Thanks for doing an awesome job Klara, we had nothing but positive feedback from everyone that came...💜
Daughter of Deceased - Carey

Should you have any questions or an interest in booking me, please don't hesitate to call or email me via my contact form.