Frequently Asked Questions

‘You may now kiss the groom!!!!!’

‘You may now kiss the groom!!!!!’

We’re getting married! Now what’s next?

First of all, we’ll have a phone chat and you can see if you like the cut of my jib!

Assuming you do, we will then arrange a non-obligatory meeting with you, your partner and myself. It’s there that Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) form will be filled out and sighted by me.

We will also take the opportunity to discuss your wants and needs for the big day. Do you have any special rituals or family members you’d like included in the ceremony? Are there people you want mentioned? Will the bride be escorted by her father, her mother, both, neither and what would you like mentioned about this on the day?

As you can see, there are many things to think about and we will go through them all, don’t worry, we wont forget about anything; I have a check list! Hurrah!

This will be also when we will discuss the story of your meeting and subsequent relationship. It’s up to you how much I focus on this within the ceremony, we don’t have to talk about it at all, but if you’d like me to create a story, the research starts here.

I will leave you both with a questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill in and email back to me ASAP for more detailed research.

And in order to secure the booking; a deposit of $200 will need to be paid. This can be done via cash, cheque or direct deposit into my bank account.

After that, its over to emails and the odd phone chat if you feel the need, then we’ll meet quickly just before the wedding to complete all the paperwork so that it's ready to go as soon as you’re married and check that you’re happy with the wedding script. Assuming you are and all admin is in order, its time for you two to get hitched!

How long before the wedding can we submit our NOIM?

It must be submitted to me no less than a month before the wedding date. This is a legal requirement and not negotiable.

Is there a shorter time period possible?

Well yes actually, there is the possibility to apply to Birth Deaths and Marriages (BDM) for a shortening of time consideration. I must warn you though, the circumstances need to be pretty special and it’s far easier to just get the paperwork sorted early so we don’t need to go through any of these admin dramas.

What documents do you require from us?

  • For a person born in Australia: A Passport; Birth Certificate or Extract (original or certified)

  • For a person born overseas: A Birth Certificate or Passport issued by a government of an overseas country, showing the date and place of the person’s birth.

  • If previously married: A Decree Absolute of Divorce

  • If widowed: A Death Certificate

Note: Uncertified photocopies of documents are not acceptable

One/both of us are divorced but we don't have the certificate to prove it.

Easy! Follow this link for how to apply for a copy! 

I or my partner is overseas? How can I/they submit a NOIM?

That’s ok; we only need one signature initially to make it legal. As long as we grab theirs before the day, we’re fine!

Why does it cost so much for what looks like 20 minutes work and what do we get for it?

Most of the work towards a special ceremony happens beforehand. There will be meetings, emails, and phone calls and lots of checking and rechecking that you are happy with what I am to present. Read more about what services are included.

You will get your personalised story should you want it and I also lend you my ideas booklet, bursting with a myriad of examples of ceremonies and vows, music, readings and ring-exchange wording.

I am there for assistance and guidance from the moment you make the decision to book me until well after the day in question.

I can also supply a PA sound system complete with music and mic capabilities as well as a signing table and chairs.

Can we write our own vows?

Yes absolutely, I encourage it! There are some compulsory legal words that must be included in order for your marriage to be declared legal, but we can go through that later.

How will we remember our vows?

I will print them out on a card, in lovely big font, for you to read from on the day. Alternatively, I can read them to you a few words at a time and you then repeat after me. Up to you!

How long before the ceremony do you arrive?

At least 30-45 minutes, unless there are extenuating circumstances; these will need to be discussed prior to the day.

Can we have a rehearsal?

Yes absolutely. It does depend on accessibility and distance to the location in question, but I find it can be an excellent opportunity (especially for outdoor ceremonies), to make decisions based on the direction of the sun, etc before the day; thus I am happy to accommodate it into our lead-up plan.

There may be extra travel costs should the venue be more than 40km's from Elwood. This can all be discussed in our first meeting.

Do you use a PA system?

Yes if it is needed; for out-door weddings with 40+ people. Under that, it tends to be fine to go without. Of course; it’s up to you.

We’d like our wedding out of town, do you travel?

Yes I do. Obviously it will depend on availability and how far away it is as to whether travel and accommodation arrangements need to be included but by all means, let’s talk about it.

We’d like an out-door wedding. Is that ok?

Yes absolutely, however, I strongly recommend an in-door back-up plan. With Victoria’s unpredictable climate; it becomes necessary.

I or my partner’s divorce certificate isn't available yet, is that ok?

Yes, as long as I site it before the day (not on the day - before the ceremony) that is fine, the NIM can still be filled out without it.

We don’t want a legal wedding; we just want a ceremony to mark our commitment.

Not a problem! You may have married in the past and not interested in going down that road again, or you just may not be the marrying kind but you don’t want to miss out on the fun and games of a wedding. Whatever the reason, we can discuss it all and without the legal requirements, you are free to do what ever you like! What fun we’ll have putting it together!

Read more about Commitment ceremonies / vow renewal.

Where do you stand regarding same-sex weddings?

I am a firm believer in marriage equality and am absolutely thrilled that the law has finally changed.

I have married over 30 same-sex couples since the law changed... care to add your names to that list?!