Readings.... the low-down!

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Well I’ll give you my two cents... because after 4.5 years in this gig, I can no longer hold my tongue & appear indifferent...⠀
9/10 times I see a reading performed at a wedding it’s a bit of a... how can I put this nicely...? Flop!⠀
It’s not because it’s not heartfelt or the person doing it doesn’t believe in what they’re saying... ⠀
It’s often because that person a) is scared of a microphone, b) already emotional and c) the reading’s so damn serious!!!⠀

I’m busting my arse to keep things at a funky level of high entertainment & punchy pacing. ⠀
A reading can sometimes kill all that work & flatten things like nothing else. ⠀

I get it; they’re great for political reasons when you want to offer someone a job & make them feel special... but for goodness (and the guest’s) sake, pick something fun or different or better still; get them to write their own. ⠀
Now THAT’S a reading I’ll stand back for!⠀

*I also offer a bunch of suggestions in the ideas booklet I lend you so you have a good starting point. ⠀
This has been a public service announcement ⠀