Credit where credit's due....

Brooke & Reece seal the deal... as seen in   Rock n Roll Bride   2017. Photo by 'Me and My Camera

Brooke & Reece seal the deal... as seen in Rock n Roll Bride 2017. Photo by 'Me and My Camera

The etiquette of real wedding submissions

So you're recently married, it was a hum-dinger of a day/evening and the photos are AWESOME!!!

What to do next?

  • You may be the sort to just keep them for you and your special ones to enjoy...

  • You may post a few on the socials and enjoy the love (likes)

  • You may want to take things further and submit it to one of the myriad of wedding sites around the world... whether it be specifically vintage, alternative, same-sex, intricately styled or for any other reason...

What ever you decide to do with you gorgeous photos and/or video, there is one very important thing that I, on behalf of all wedding vendors need to request...

Make sure you credit all involved!!!

This includes the photographer/videographer (obviously) the venue, the designers, the florists, the caterers, the stylists, the hair & make-up artists, the maker of the boy-ties and the one that's close to my heart... the celebrant.

Even if they're not in the shot, just think... if it weren't for the celebrant;
Would the smiles/laughter be as animated without them at the helm?
Would your tears of joy be so heartfelt?
Would it be a wedding at all... or just a really expensive party?

So by all means, post and submit away... but take a moment to think about everyone that contributed to make it such an incredible day and even if the site doesn't ask for it, make sure you let them know the links to EVERYONE involved and if they haven't asked for the celebrant and you're feeling especially political, point out our absence... we're sure to show our appreciation by sharing your posts everywhere we can!

This has been a public service announcement!