Signing tables are so 2002!

Signing tables… sure, they can be cool…
Wine barrels, rustic slabs, card tables covered in lace (as I used to supply upon demand…)
But have you thought about having something different?

If you’re planning an elopement-style ceremony, this is your perfect opportunity to get creative with how/where you sign the paperwork.

After a discussion with fellow celebrants in the best damn group I’m a member of… (that’s The Celebrant Society if you’re on the hunt,) things escalated quickly and what started as a friendly chat, suddenly turned into a photo-posting exercise of one-up-man-ship.
It. Was. Awesome!!!
So as a result, I decided to compile 8 of the best (with everyone’s permission) and give you a bit of entertainment as well as food for thought along the way.

Happy brainstorming!!!

  1. The bike basket


Sarah and Chris were more than happy to use the back of my groovy bike in a quick ceremony in my local park.
It became an Instagram sensation… so we did something right!

Celebrant - Me
Photographer - Guest

2. The Tree


Celebrant - Samual Miller
Photographer - Michael Briggs

3. The Rock

lauren evans.jpg

Jens and Katharina chose to elope in Kakadu National Park, surrounded by the raw beauty of Australian nature with their marriage witnessed only by two Park rangers.
It made perfect sense to find a big rock to use for signing, rather than carting a table and chairs down to the base of the waterfall just for that purpose.

Celebrant - Lauren Evans
Photographer - Sharon Mac Photographics

4. The Spa


After Sean the celebrant announced that they would be doing the signing on the spa, he chased it by saying “You stay classy Mornington!”
’Nuff said, comedy gold!!!

Celebrant & Photographer - Sean M Whelan

5. The Car-Boot


When it rains on the big day the boot of the car can become your signing table.
Just don't expect an ugly feather pen from Uber Celebrant Ben Ager from Sydney, I am pleased to see he’s prepared with a first aid kit though….. Benedict’s got your back!

Celebrant - Ben Ager
Photographer - Laura from Elysium Photography

6. The Esky


Mahli & Jordan were wed upon a hilltop with a few close mates and relatives with Loki the boarder collie making sure everything ran to plan.
We signed utop the esky with the wedding cake within.
One of my favourite wedding moments ever!

Celebrant - Me
Photographer - Random guest

7. The Back

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.11.45 am.png

While some celebrants offer a signing table as an inclusion for their service, Russ prefers a more personal approach. as seen here with Tim and Jessie at their Glasshaus wedding.
For no extra charge Russ can double as your signing table, now that’s good value!

Celebrant - Russ Macumber
Photographer - Caroline Sada

8. The random bathers

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.45.53 am.png

Vanessa and Mick eloped back in March and they arranged with Cara, their celebrant to head down to Tallow Beach, thinking they’d try their luck at finding a lone surfer to witness, along with Ann-Louise the photographer. 
They didn’t have to worry about not being able to find a witness, as there were great surf conditions and they struggled to get a car park. 
Vanessa and Mick said their personal vows privately, and then (with Vanessa and Mick’s blessing), Cara approached a bunch of lovely backpackers from Paraguay and asked them to witness the legal bits. 
The eight women were so stoked to be a part of a wedding on their holiday and Cara was quite entertained by her first bikini clad witness. 
Her crazy eyed “are you shooting this?” look to Ann-Louise says it all really.

Celebrant - Cara Flack
Photographer - Ann-Louise from possumcreekstudios 

So now the question begs to be asked… are you STILL thinking of having a signing table?