Don't shop around!

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Why not?⠀
Aren’t we conditioned to...?⠀
Well yeah, we generally are. ⠀
But take a moment to ponder..⠀
When you’re on the hunt for a Celebrant, you check out their listing/website/socials & once you think; yep, I dig... you’ll send them a message asking for costs & availability yeah?⠀
Hopefully for our sake, you’ll also give us a bit of info about what you’re wanting in your ceremony; just a tip!

Now, if they write back and the price & vibe are right, why not meet up before moving down the line?⠀
A meeting takes time, energy and often drink money & no doubt, you’ve all made an effort to get there. ⠀
Do you REALLY want to go through this process several times?⠀
Why don’t you just pick one, catch up, and if they’re right: awesome. If not, next!!
Food for thought...