It's a nice day for a White Wedding... or is it...?

We all know the song, well those of us who can proudly say we were children of the 80's do anyway.. and us ladies have been brought up to believe that if we want to be the full-blown bridal princesses that we've always wanted to be... we need to wear white or at the very least ivory on our wedding day.

But times have changed people and after 3.5 years marrying people (as their celebrant, not as a serial bride.. that would be weird..) I've been proud to officiate at quite a number of weddings where there's not a skerrick of white in the room!

So if you're thinking you might not be the white-wedding type, I thought I'd delight you with a selection of some of my favourite examples where white was definitely NOT on the menu.

1. When Sam and Michael exchanged their vows, Michael got tired after a sentence or two and finished off with bla bla you get the idea...' and although it was one of the funniest wedding moments in my experience doing this gig, I'm not sure the guests remember anything except for that dress!

Shot by: Nelli Huie Photography

Shot by: Nelli Huie Photography

2. Alison and Lewis have both been married before and didn't want a massive fan-fair... just their nearest and dearest in an awesome room at The Westin. When I first clocked Alison's get-up, I have to admit, it took my breath away. I mean, how funky is this woman??!!! Also worth noting, I was glad I'd received the memo to wear red. Lewis missed it!

3. Juliet and Aidan were married on their awesome deck up in the Dandenong Ranges (or Nongers to those of us who grew up there!) He gave her a $2 ring from a lolly machine and she gave him whipper-snipper cable for his. No one put their champagne down for the ceremony and maaaaan... I don't think I've laughed that much, ever! Cheers!

Juliet & Aidan 10.jpg

4. Jene & Adam were married in a beautiful little ceremony in their backyard. The atmosphere was relaxed and the guests appreciative, but the best thing I remember, was Jene wore an amazing yellow dress and looked like pure sunshine!

5. Brooke and Reece had such a visually unusual wedding, they managed to get themselves listed on Rock n Roll Bride.
Inspired by The Great Gatsby, their wedding was hugely DIY, with no detail missed... including 200+ jars with tiny little candles in them; I was impressed!
But enough about the decor, check out Brooke’s gorgeous frock!!!

Photo by: Me and my Camera

Photo by: Me and my Camera

6. Bec & Ben had a Cuban-themed wedding at The Flemington Bowls club. They spun a bingo wheel to work out who would act at witness and the highlight of the wedding was when Ben’s own mother won the much sought-after prize.

7. Jackie & Patrick were wed in a tiny bar right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD with only their parents as guests…. Oh and me.
The jokes were plentiful, the love in the room was gushing and the cocktails… oh the cocktails… well they were something else!

So as you can see ladies, a white dress is far from the only choice. Perhaps you’d like to dress vintage, gothic, smart-casual or in a dress so yellow the guests need shades…..

What ever your style, don’t feel compelled to stick with tradition, go your own way, wear what you like and most importantly of all, make sure you choose shoes that you’ll be able to dance the night away in, there’s nothing worse than a limping bride!

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