Hey there...I'm Klara McMurray & I help celebrate things!

Whether they be a wedding, commitment ceremony or even a funeral, I believe ceremonies should be fun, relaxed, a little bit quirky and something special for everyone involved.
Have you been to too many occasions where you tuned out, wondered how long there was to go and thought more about your questionable choice in high-healed footwear than you did listening to the ceremony? Lets not create anything like that. 
When we meet to discuss the occasion, I will listen intently, make suggestions based on your style and together, we'll create an event that's talked about and perhaps even laughed about for years to come!
I will respect your values, needs and beliefs and am happy to include whatever special ceremony or marking of the moment that you wish...and if you'd like me to dress up in a giant prawn suit, well you only need ask!
Take a stroll through my website or facebook page for pics and reviews. You'll see that I've done straight, gay, cabaret, clown, character and surprise weddings.... Care to add to that list?

Lets have a non-obligatory meeting to see if you like the cut of my jib!

No one has ever complained about a boring ceremony when I'm at the helm.
Look forward to chatting soon!